Don't call it Davis Cup anymore, says Croatia's captain Peter Krajan

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Don't call it Davis Cup anymore, says Croatia's captain Peter Krajan

Croatia Davis Cup team captain Peter Krajan commented on the new format that is being introduced this year in the 119-year competition. Last year Croatia defeated France to win their second Davis Cup title in history. Speaking to Omnisport, Krajan said: "It's tough to say it's not good or it's good, it's just not comparable with the one that was working until now so it's just something totally new.

It's not the same and I wouldn't call it the Davis Cup anymore, it's not the Davis Cup for me, it's something else. Davis Cup we all know how it was and what system it was and [it was a nation] playing at home every tie, semi-finals and finals."

Krajan admitted it will be tough to accept to be playing with the new format: "I have to support the players because I'm in front of the players, my team, but I'm also a fan of tennis. Davis Cup is something [else].

I'm going to miss those matches that were lasting five, six hours and those doubles matches lasting five, six, seven hours, for sure, it was something special." "This was the last Davis Cup that we know in this format and everybody will remember who the last winner in this kind of format was", concluded Krajan.

Croatia will play the Davis Cup finals in November. ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert