Taro Daniel shares favorite Davis Cup memories

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Taro Daniel shares favorite Davis Cup memories

"My first Davis Cup memory is watching it on TV as a kid, noticing the different atmosphere than on the regular tournaments. It is something I have always wanted to participate in. I got a chance to play my first Davis Cup tie in 2014 in the World Group quarter-final and it was a great experience.

My best Davis Cup memory is probably winning that fifth rubber against Colombia in front of their fans. We knew it was going to be tough, playing on a high attitude and against the passionate South American crowd as well, much different from what you get playing in Asia.

I found that tie very fun, even with the crowd against us. Being a part of a team is a completely different feeling from what you have on the Tour because even if you have friends on regular tournaments, they are still your opponents.

Whey you are in the team, the teammates are very supportive and they want you to win, supporting from the bench and stuff. I didn't ask too many people how they feel about Japan securing a place at the Davis Cup Finals but it is definitely big, beating China in February was a relieving win, feeling the pressure during the matches and having a chance to relax after we went through.

I hope the people in Japan will be excited when the Finals come as well. I would love to see many Japanese fans in Madrid and in front of their TV's but it is the first year of this new competition and you don't know what's going to happen.

Hopefully, it is going to be the greatest Davis Cup ever. There was definitely pressure in that China tie, playing against the lower-ranked nation and for the spot in Madrid, it was a tough week to prepare, with a lot of nerves involved, but that's a part of Davis Cup too.

We would love to win the title for us but more for the people in our country and if we do that we are going to partying in Madrid as a team."