Kenya to travel to Indonesia in March, seeking Davis Cup Group II berth

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Kenya to travel to Indonesia in March, seeking Davis Cup Group II berth

Founded in 1974, the Kenyan Davis Cup selection had to endure a bumpy road in the last 45 years, performing in every season between 1986-2005 and reaching Group I at the beginning of the 90s, which was a huge success back then.

After losing all five ties in 2005, Kenya vanished from Davis Cup for the next four years, returning in 2010 and struggling to find the winning formula before 2017 since when they rattled off 12 of the last 14 ties. Just like in 2018, Kenya had the opportunity to host the Davis Cup Africa Group III competition in Nairobi, defeating Madagaskar, Algeria and Benin 2-1 before ousting Mozambique in the winning Play-Off to advance into the World Group II Play-offs in 2020 that will take place on March 6-7.

To reach Group II for the first time since 1994, Kenya has to beat Indonesia in the away tie, competing outside Africa for the first time in 17 years and already starting preparations for one of the most important ties in their Davis Cup history.

Losing nations from the World Group I Play-offs will compete in World Group II ties in September 2020, along with the winning countries from the World Group II Play-offs and Kenya hopes to be among those teams. If they beat Indonesia, some of their potential rivals for the World Group II spot are Ukraine, Pakistan, Slovenia, Bolivia, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, Finland, Thailand, New Zealand, Switzerland, Peru, Norway, Portugal, Romania or China, in what should be another very entertaining Davis Cup clash for this small tennis nation.

"We shall review clips from their previous performances to understand their strengths and weaknesses," head coach Rosemary Owino said. "It is a new assignment for the team and we hope to soak up the pressure and deliver. Preparations have started for Davis Cup 2020."