Schnur: 'Rafael Nadal vs. Denis Shapovalov could have gone either way'

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Schnur: 'Rafael Nadal vs. Denis Shapovalov could have gone either way'

Canada has been one of the most successful tennis nations in 2019 thanks to Bianca Andreescu, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Denis Shapovalov. On top of that, the Canadian Davis Cup team had a great time at the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid last week, reaching the final where they lost to the host nation Spain 2-0.

It was the first Davis Cup title match for Canada after two semi-finals, beating Italy, USA, Australia and Russia thanks to Vasek Pospisil and Denis Shapovalov who delivered all the rubbers to propel their country into the final where they couldn't match the performance of the host team despite a great effort from the young guns.

Brayden Schnur should have played alongside Pospisil in doubles but pulled a muscle in his back during practice, sitting on the bench throughout the week and supporting his teammates towards another notable result in what has been an incredible year for tennis in Canada.

"I feel like to end the year that way and represent Canada alongside Denis, Felix and Vasek was the icing on the cake," Schnur said. "What these guys have done in tennis is incredible and any time you have the opportunity to bond with them, it's so fun.

It was different from being on Tour where you're alone a lot of the time. Last week we shared everything and were working together to represent Canada. The laughs we had and the team dinners and the car rides to the stadium, everything was super fun and that's what I'll take away from the whole thing.

It was a very surreal moment watching Denis against Rafa. That match could have gone either way in that second set and things could have easily turned in our favor. It was an incredible performance and a fantastic thing to experience.

That atmosphere, seeing the stadium completely packed, and to be there cheering him on and supporting him was cool. Vasek made an incredible comeback from his back surgery, probably one of the biggest comebacks I've ever seen a player make after such a serious injury.

He's a great competitor, whether he's tired or hurt or healthy, the guy fights for every single point and puts everything on the line. I need a couple more days to let it all sink in, epresenting Canada means so much to me and just seeing the moments that people have had in previous Davis Cups makes it hit home a little more – like, wow, we were right there.

I'm not sure if there's a better country that is playing at this high a level so completely – men's and women's – right now. We are well represented with Bianca Andreescu, Denis, Felix, Milos and Vasek.

Canadian tennis is in a golden era and I think fans should embrace it because this kind of season doesn't happen that often. We're in for a hell of a ride over the next few years."