Yannick Noah is the Latest to Hit out at the Davis Cup

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Yannick Noah is the Latest to Hit out at the Davis Cup

The new Davis Cup format has come under criticism from many quarters - with players of the past and present lashing out at the organizers for the revamped format. Until, last year, the Davis Cup was held in a home-and-away format for more than a century.

This year, the tournament was revamped and moved to a new format that was condensed into one week. The latest player to come out and criticize the Davis Cup format is former French Open champion Yannick Noah, of France. Noah was also part of the French Davis Cup winning team as captain in 1991, 1996 and 2017 and took to Instagram to comment on the new format of the Davis Cup, according to L'Equipe.

"Everywhere on the net, so we see blooming criticism of this new Davis Cup, can be read on the Instagram account of Yannick Noah. The comments come from everywhere, players, organizers, consultants, specialists in economics.

Of course, Ion Tiriac has a little more value than the others: "These people have never hit a tennis ball and ruined 120 years of tradition. They should be sentenced to life in prison for what they did. I bet they will change the format in two years.

It's a joke and a shame. They have ruined the jewel of tennis." Organizers have promised to look into some issues for next year and are also considering the merger of the Davis Cup with the ATP Cup - a new team competition organized by the ATP that takes place in January for the first time.