Davis Cup - Yuki Bhambri hopes AITA will accept players demands

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Davis Cup - Yuki Bhambri hopes AITA will accept players demands

India's top ranked singes player Yuki Bhambri was not on court for India's Davis Cup tie against Korea but the 20 year old did watch his team from the sidelines as the Indians went down 0-2 to Korea after Day 1 of the tie.

Bhambri is one of 11 players who have fallen out with the AITA over Davis Cup playing arrangements. Speaking to the media, Bhambri commented, "We are ready to play if it (AITA) gives us in writing that it will accept all our demands.

The (rebel) players have been in touch with each other and we have not received anything in writing from AITA on our demands." “It is odd to sit in the stands. This is the first time I am coming to the stadium and sitting in the stands.

The question is why can’t the AITA take the initiative and sort it out. Who doesn’t want to play for the Davis Cup… it hurts when your country loses. We were forced to take a stand… we are sticking to it.

It is baffling that AITA can’t agree to concede our legitimate demands. Unfortunately, we are losing out as we are the ones who play for the country, not them.” “We should travel as a team together, we can’t have two players flying in business class and the others in economy.

You can’t have Sachin Tendulkar fly in the business and Virender Sehwag in economy."