Roger Federer's future swings on the chandelier

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Roger Federer's future swings on the chandelier

"I was injured during the grass season. Unfortunately the doctors told me that to feel better I have to have surgery. I decided to do it. I will be using crutches for several weeks and not playing for many months. It will be difficult, but I have to do it because I want to feel good and I want to have a glimmer of hope of getting back on the pitch in shape.

I am realistic, I know how difficult it is to have surgery at this age. But I want to be healthy, I will do rehab with a goal while I am still in activity." With these words Roger Federer has frozen his fans and the whole world of sport, which was waiting for him at Flushing Meadows for the US Open 2021.

These words seem worse than an epitaph. Like Sia's hugely popular song, we can find a parallel with Roger Federer's future, swinging on the chandelier. Obviously Roger thinks today of a come back on the court, but the reality is different: Federer today is one step away from retirement, feared by everyone, by him first, still in love with tennis, in his soul still as young as a twenty year old who tumbles on a tennis court for 11 months a year chasing a ball.

The physicist, at 40 years-old, however, presented his invoice: for him this will be the third surgery on his right knee in the last year. Worse than a sentence.
The odds and age are against him. If Roger wants to think of him as a back in 2022, he will also have to be physically ready, against much younger opponents.

Younger but no longer hungry. Roger still has the fire inside, the desire to be the history of tennis. It will probably not be enough, but this is the only flame that can fuel his desire to return to fight and sweat on the court.

Will it be too weak a flame? It will be worth seeing, who knows? What are we left with? An eventual retirement of Roger Federer is news that would shock the world of sport. Roger is a vortex that attracts everything: fans, rivals, love, hate, passion and, also, a lot of income between sponsors and tournaments.

A very strong induced. We are lucky enough to have admired a god of sport for almost 20 years, who not only set terrific records, but who rewrote the history of tennis as we know it. Roger helped make our beloved Game even bigger and more popular.

That he thrilled us with his victories, his defeats, the joys, the tears, and with a tennis that today nobody (NOBODY, LET'S HIGHLIGHT IT!) Is able to play, with peaks of unattainable, unspeakable beauty. Goodbye, get there, see you soon, the end or not.