NETFLIX Untold preview: the Mardy Fish's mental health documentary

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NETFLIX Untold preview: the Mardy Fish's mental health documentary

NETFLIX lists a number of great series and blockbusters, such as Stranger Things, Hill House, Vikings, La Casa di Carta, Sex Education, The Witcher, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. But also many sports documentaries, such as the one on Michael Jordan, on Naomi Osaka and a movie on the match ebtween Roger Federer and Mardy Fish.

In a year that highlighted the mental health problems of the tennis player Naomi Osaka, who was even forced to retire at the Roland Garros after a furious dispute with the media, she tries and will try to do more. Also for this reason NETFLIX has officially announced the launch of the documentary series Untold, the docuseries divided into five episodes where the story of Mardy Fish is told and how the former American tennis player has overcome his mental health problems.

The docuseries sees the former tennis player as the protagonist but also involves the stories of other athletes from the world of sport who have had difficulties during their career. Characters like Caitlyn Jenner, Christy Martin.

Mardy Fish is an American tennis player who achieved some success starting in the early 2000s. He has won six titles and reached the number 7 ranking in the world as Best Ranking. The silver medal won at the 2004 Athens Olympics probably represents the high point of his career.

However, Fish's career was put at serious risk due to mental salilitis issues and during this series Fish talks about anxiety and panic attacks and in 2012, when the tennis player was still in top condition, he had the first attacks of cardiac arrhythmia with a situation that seemed very serious indeed.

Fish was terrified and his panic attacks mostly occurred before every big match in the various tournaments. Mardy officially announced his retirement in 2015 after a good but painful career. The problem of mental health has taken hold again in the tennis world in recent months thanks to the Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka; her problem and her doubts have again brought to the fore the need to talk and try to solve this problem as athletes tend not to open up on internal emotions and see being hit in every match. NETFLIX will release the first episode of the series on August 10, 2022.