Data said Roger Federer the best tennis player of the ATP Finals

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Data said Roger Federer the best tennis player of the ATP Finals
Data said Roger Federer the best tennis player of the ATP Finals

Who is the player who has performed better and continuously at the ATP Finals than his rivals? According to the statistics, Roger Federer seems to be the tennis player who expressed himself the most, resulting in the best.

The first key figure is the titles won, 6, considering that he is still an active athlete, 5 behind his long-time opponent Novak Djokovic (who shares second place with Ivan Lendl). The Swiss champion created another important difference in the number of times he reached the final of the event.

The record has so far been set at 10 occasions, with Lendl (9) and Becker (8) currently on the other steps of the podium, even if they cannot improve their place. Nole is still at 7 and in 2021 lost the opportunity to hook the former German tennis player: it is difficult (however not impossible) to think that the Serbian can match the incredible record of King Roger.

A goal, which seems unsurpassed, by the native of Basel also as regards the successes obtained, even 59. An incredible threshold, considering that the current first in the ranking is at box 41 in 14 editions played.

The ATP Finals data

The show of the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin concluded the individual season of the strongest players in circulation, who currently occupy the very first positions of the ATP ranking.

The competition also confirmed in this edition the high possibilities of reserving surprises and being unpredictable: many insiders were expected to come abck to victory for Novak Djokovic or a new triumph for Daniil Medvedev, demonstrating how the next generation is is already making it a protagonist in the Tour.

This last concept occurred but combined with the figure of Alexander Zverev, who obtained the title of the Master for the second time in his career and closed a truly phenomenal 2021 season. In recent years, several athletes have always won the tournament, the supremacy of the Big Three has gradually darkened over time.

The winner of the Finals had changed on every occasion for six consecutive years: a series interrupted by the German himself on Sunday 21 November, with the victory in the final on the Russian number 2 in the world with a double 6-4.

Roger Federer Atp Finals

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