Rafael Nadal: there is still work to be done

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Rafael Nadal: there is still work to be done

Toni Nadal attended an event in Portugal in recent days, during which he was asked to provide some updates on the conditions of his nephew Rafael Nadal. The well-known journalist José Morgado shared the information on Twitter: "Today Toni Nadal was in Portugal.

He said that Rafael Nadal is training well and that he should reach 100% form in time for the Australian Open." In a recent conversation with former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, Rafa talked about his future: "All athletes have problems throughout their careers.

Professional sport requires enormous physical and mental strain. I hope I can recover and be ready for the start of next season. Of course I have some doubts, but I know the process well. I've been in this situation many times, so I know what to do."

But there is work to do for Rafa, and still a lot. In fact, the Spaniard, with his rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, has won 20 Slams, and in the running for the Slam Race. With Roger Federer having very little chance to return to winning other Slams, Rafa and Nole will probably compete for this great goal.

Rafael Nadal: there is still work to be done

Rafa is not an opponent to be underestimated, never, even if the years pass. And whoever thinks that his tennis is now only (and not fully) enough for the clay-season, makes a serious error of assessment.

Nadal has had various physical problems this year, and if the body recovers well, then he will not only be the favorite for the final victory at the French Open, but he will also be among the favorites on the hard-courts of Flushing Meadows, tournament which has historically seen as one of the protagonists of recent years.

Rafa obviously hides and leaves the pressure to his opponent: "I think that as we are all positioned at the moment Novak Djokovic is favored enough to finish his career with more Grand Slams than anyone else. We must not lie to ourselves, I am aware of where I am currently and of my condition and we all also know the situation of Roger Federer, he continues to play and is in a great moment of form.

Of course in nine months things may be different, but currently I think he is a big favorite." What he says is true, at least in part, but Rafael Nadal knows the truth could be very different.