Nick Kyrgios is not like the Big 3, and that's good

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Nick Kyrgios is not like the Big 3, and that's good

Tennis doesn't just need Roger Federer's class, Rafael Nadal's determination and Novak Djokovic's robotic mind. The Big 3 have rewritten the history of tennis, breaking records and conquering hordes of records and fans.

The three complement each other: there is everything, appeal, rivalry, drama, contortions. They have momopolized tennis for almost twenty years, but it is not certain that after them you need something that is the same as them.

A tennis player like Nick Kyrgios, for example, with his histrionic style, his controversies and everything around him makes him a one man show, a player that ATP needs. If only his media interest was equal you have results on teh court ...

Nick Kyrgios has played just 11 tournaments in the past two years, four of them in Australia. The tennis player born in 1995 has decided not to return to the field in the post-pandemic period in 2020; while during this season he had to deal with some physical problems that prevented him from expressing himself to the fullest of his abilities.

The Australian has repeatedly reiterated that tennis is no longer his priority and in an interview with the podcast No Boundaries he talked about the differences between him and the Big 4. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, in particular, have won 60 Grand Slam titles together.

Nick Kyrgios is not like the Big 3, and that's good

The Big Three have become true tennis legends to the sound of records and over the years have given birth to numerous epic matches that have thrilled the whole world of sport.

Their dominance in Grand Slam tournaments has reached unimaginable heights Kyrgios said: "Players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray love tennis madly. I happened to watch the documentary focusing on Murray, in which his passion for the sport is evident.

He was afraid of not being able to return to play and this fact scared the hell out of him. I'm not like them. I like tennis, but I'm not as passionate or motivated as they are. They are athletes who happen once in a decade.

Every single day of my life I have to deal with people who tell me how I should be, how I should train and how I should act. I am 26 years old and I am in a good position, I help a lot of people, I am in good health, I have many friends and I am happy like this.

My goal has never been to win the Grand Slams, I just wanted to have fun." Kyrgios will try to return to the court at the Australian Open, but the situation has yet to be monitored. The Australian will not play the ATP Cup, a tournament he is very attached to.