Emma Raducanu: year zero

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Emma Raducanu: year zero

Emma Raducanu saw her life totally change in 2021. The very young British tennis player has made the biggest surprise of this season, starting from the qualifiers and winning the US Open 2021. The tennis player brought a Grand Slam back to Great Britain after years and years of waiting.

As in the end it is right that she is the tennis player who experienced a moment of fogging after her success. Before the US Open she had never won on the WTA circuit and she found herself under pressure and limelight within weeks.

Now came the change of coach and deserved holidays and now the young and beautiful Emma told her impressions on Sky Sport: "Wimbledon was the first time I felt competitive in my entire career, I was very excited and I had never experienced something like this.

I was also proud to be able to play at home and it was a special feeling. Before that tournament I had never played on such pitches and so I was nervous before playing, but I enjoyed every moment once I went out on the court."

Emma Raducanu tells about her rise

The tennis player then returned to her triumph and said: "I arrived in New York with the aim of getting through the qualifications, I was already tired. However, I had incredible moments and I think in the end the key was to live for the day.

In the last few days I just wished that all this would not end but at the same time I was thinking about what would happen in the final stages of the tournament." The tennis player continues: "Not all of this happened and on the contrary Flushing Meadows has become one of the best memories of my life.

I overcame all obstacles despite the tension and nervousness and in the end I always gave my best in front of all the people." Speaking of the future, Raducanu said:" Now I think that people will have expectations of me, but I don't care.

Only my expectations and what I want for my future matter. I fight to improve and grow little by little, I only listen to the opinions close to my team and my family."