How the Big 3 dominated the last decade

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How the Big 3 dominated the last decade

Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer dominated this tennis era. Three names, three legends. Over the past 20 years, the Big 3 have been the absolute rulers of the ATP Tour and arguably the strongest in tennis history. 60 Grand Slam titles won, equally divided for each one, and a series of records obtained from year to year have allowed the three tenors to gain fans all over the world and to bring many people closer to the sport.

Over and over again we have wondered who is the strongest, without obtaining a certain answer. But wanting to analyze only the statistical data, which of the three has reached the magic number of 20 slams in less time? Taking age as a criterion, it is Novak Djokovic who won his 20 Grand Slam (Wimbledon 2021) as a youngest (34 years and 2 months).

Roger Federer achieved the feat at the age of 36 at the 2018 Australian Open and Rafael Nadal was 34 years and four months old when he lifted his 20th Major at the 2020 French Open. 20 Slam, it is always Nole who is the master.

How the Big 3 dominated the last decade

The Serbian champion, who turned pro in 2003, won Wimbledon in 2021, taking him 18 years. Nadal and Federer, on the other hand, needed 19 years (the Spaniard turned pro in 2001 and won his 20th slam in 2020, Roger joined the pros in 1999 and joined the feat in 2018).

The statistics of the last decade all lean heavily in favor of the current number 1 in the ATP ranking. If until 2011 King Roger had already won 16 slams, Nadal 9 and Djokovic only 1, in the decade 2011-2021 Nole won 19 slams, one more than those won by Federer, Nadal and Murray combined.

The Serb finished the year as number one in the world 6 times, against the total 4 times of the other three. Djokovic has also won the finals four times (the double of the three opponents) and spent 334 weeks at the top of the ATP rankings, while adding those of the other 3 would reach 199.

The suboptimal state of form of Federer and Nadal, combined with the excessive power and continuity of the Serbian tennis player, would seem to herald that in the 2022 season Djokovic will be able to detach the two opponents, winning some other slam rounds. Next goal: Australian Open.