Djokovic better than Nadal and Federer: is that really so?

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Djokovic better than Nadal and Federer: is that really so?

An equation is actually simpler and more complex than you think, especially if it has to give a result that breaks the balance that has been created between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The variables are different, and all of them are important.

It can't just be about titles and records, but also about the love of the crowd and the fans. Rafael Nadal says that Novak Djokovic is superior to him and Roger Federer, actually: but is it really like that? The answer would be simple if we consider only the current moment: today Novak Djokovic, for several factors, is a stronger player than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

All in all, however, we speak in perspective. Because the Grand Slam titles are the same for everyone, while the Serbian still has to chase the Swiss and the Spanish for the total titles. the records are being shared. it is clear that, if you look at the horizon, Djokovic is destined to surpass both of them.

Age, physical and mental strength are on his side. Time in tennis is unforgiving.

Nadal says Djokovic is superior to him and Federer: is that really so?

Rafa said: "I understand that the conversation about the number of Grand Slams is always alive, but our situations are very different.

Roger and I have been stuck for quite a long time. Djokovic played very well in 2021 and is still at the top. to the ATP ranking. Federer and I have more or less the same chances of winning other Grand Slams, while Novak's chances are much higher."

All true. But to decide that he is the greatest ever, this is not enough. Hypothesis: Djokovic wins 24 Slams at the end of his career, Nadal 22, Federer 20 or (with some miracles 21). Djokovic can be considered the greatest ever.

Yes and no. Yes, because the Grand Slams are the most effective thermometer for measuring the greatness of a tennis player. No, because that alone cannot be enough, if the difference is so small between the three. Novak has won more head-to-head, but he is arguably the least popular champion of the crowds in tennis history, unlike Federer and Nadal, the most loved by fans. So how can it be just a question of titles?