Juan Martin Del Potro: what to expect for his comeback?

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Juan Martin Del Potro: what to expect for his comeback?

Juan Martin Del Potro hinted at his intention to return to the courts at the Buenos Aires tournament, more than two and a half years after the last match played on the ATP Tour. But what can we expect for his come back? In the presentation of the ATP 250 Argentina Open 2022, its director Martín Jaite revealed, in addition to having the guaranteed presence of Dominic Thiem and Diego Schwartzman, that he is awaiting confirmation of the Tower of Tandil, for which they will keep an invitation until he makes an official decision, as revealed by ESPN.

The tournament, which will be held in the Argentine capital from 7 to 13 February 2022, would be, according to one of its prominent executives, Martin Hughes, one of the three 250 tournaments that are destined to become 500 category shortly, certainly increasing in prestige and importance.

As known to the general tennis crowd, Juan Martin Del Potro is probably one of the strongest and at the same time unlucky players of the last 15 years. Fans love him and his career, but it will be understood how much this umpteenth return after yet another injury will affect his physical condition in view of important and tiring events.

Juan Martin Del Potro: what to expect for his come back?

The Argentinian, who became Pro in 2005, was considered for years, before the advent of Murray, the only emerging talent capable of undermining the monopoly of the Big Three.

After the memorable five-set victory in the 2009 US Open final against Roger Federer, Del Potro's career seemed to have definitely blossomed, but an endless series of injuries and as many operations have constantly slowed the Argentine tennis player, forcing him to stop for long periods.

Despite such bad luck, Del Potro was able to win 22 tournaments, play another slam final (the US Open lost in 2018 against Djokovic), win two Olympic medals (a bronze and a silver between 2012 and 2016) and to reach position number 3 in the ranking in August 2018.

The wrist injuries that affected the first part of his career were followed by the calvary to the knee, operated 4 times, which has kept him away from the fields for more than two years now. Now at 33 and from number 758 in the world, the Good Giant finally seems ready to return and the enthusiasm of his fans is skyrocketing.

It will not be easy to win again, indeed, it will be damn difficult. A healthy body is essential in today's tennis. Del Potro has shown in the past that he is able to compete after serious injuries. This time it will be a little more difficult, but who knows.