Is it right for Novak Djokovic to play in Australia?

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Is it right for Novak Djokovic to play in Australia?

December usually passes in the expectation, at times boring, for the start of the Australian tournaments. This year, however, the wait is more lively than usual. It is the catchphrase of the last month: will Novak Djokovic be present at the Australian Open 2022? The other important question is: is it right that Djokovic plays in Australia thanks to an exemption? The ideas of the world's number one about vaccines are known and the topic has been talked about for months now, although it has not yet been revealed by his staff whether he has carried out the anti-COVID vaccination or not.

Uncertainty persists and time advances inexorably, the Australian Open is now upon us, but in light of the current picture of the pandemic and the decisions taken by the Australian authorities on it, the knots are about to come to a head.

Will tennis players without vaccinations be able to participate in the Australian Open 2022? The organizers of the tournament, led by Craig Tiley, have announced for weeks, reiterating it yesterday, that vaccination is mandatory and that they would have been inflexible in this regard, but with the approach of the appointment the possibility arose to attend the appointment thanks to medical exemptions.

There are many suspicions that on the web have led back to Novak Djokovic and to hypothesize, probably without foundation, the option that it is a window capable of allowing him to participate in the tournament even without having been vaccinated.

To clarify this point, it should be specified that the health authorities of the Australian federal government, of course, establish the rules for the entry of a foreign person into the country. These rules were drafted by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI), which yesterday established the following medical exemptions, for which (even) an unvaccinated tennis player could play the Australian Open 2022, unless further restrictive provisions of the management tournament: have suffered from inflammatory heart disease in the past three months, such as myocarditis or pericarditis.

Not having a full vaccination schedule for contracting the virus in recent months; have experienced severe side effects attributable to the vaccine, have mental health problems and underlying conditions for which the vaccine may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Scenarios such as pregnancy or presenting symptoms of COVID are excluded from the list as they are not considered contraindications to the vaccine. It is unlikely that Novak Djokovic will be able to use it, always assuming that he has not been vaccinated, in light of the lack of communications about it from his staff.

However, exemptions are not a scenario favored by the Australian authorities, so each case would be thoroughly analyzed by a panel of virologists and medical experts. Taking into account that the participants of the ATP Cup 2022 are expected to arrive on December 28th, the time for Novak Djokovic and the rest of the tennis players to certify their entry into the country in any case is about to expire, so it is assumed that the games have already been decided.