Roger Federer among the best serves of 2021

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Roger Federer among the best serves of 2021

Roger Federer is in the top 5 of the best players at bat: to certify him are the statistics published by the ATP tour, relating to the 52 weeks, including all the matches. played by every player and on every surface, despite a 2021 in which he was absent from the field for long stretches in major tournaments.

14 games in which he demonstrated all the leadership in one of the fundamental, as well as in an important blow for his style of play: the service, not very powerful but well placed, which allows him most of the time to command the operations of the exchanges, then keeping the opponent's initiatives at bay with the excellent backhand or forehand.

The Swiss Maestro obtained an evaluation of the service, after the scores achieved in different categories, of 297.7, conquering the fifth position in front of the best blue Matteo Berrettini, a real specialist in this category.

Roger Federer among the best serves of 2021

In front of the 40-year-old American John Isner, at the top, the Canadian Milos Raonic and the other American Reilly Opelka, who closed the podium. Fourth, ahead of Roger by just 0.2, Australian Nick Kyrgios.

Statistics show that the winner of 20 Grand Slam titles managed to collect a percentage of 65.1 of first matches, then winning the point in 76.7% of cases. Federer is the player who took home the most exchanges after a second serve (58.7%).

The percentage of games won on the serve is close to 90%: a sentence given that he is third in this special ranking. As for the aces he stopped at an average of 8.8 per game, while the double fouls were reduced to a minimum (one of the best with 1.5 per match, behind the Colombian Galan).

Wimbledon, the third Slam of the year, is currently the last tournament played by the Swiss on the ATP Tour, in which he pushed himself to the quarter-finals with great personality, even if his head wanted to get something more prestigious and special.

After fully recovering from his long injury, Roger Federer will try to get back competitive on the tour to treat himself to the last joys of a truly wonderful career