Iga Swiatek: between dreams and desires

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Iga Swiatek: between dreams and desires

The new tennis season is upon us and tennis players from all over the world can't wait to return to their favorite stage: the tennis court. After a very fragmented season due to COVID restrictions, the athletes of the WTA want to return to express their game with greater continuity, thus playing as many tournaments as possible.

Among the tennis players who have expressed this desire to return to normal, there is Iga Swiatek. The Polish tennis player closes 2020 as number nine in the WTA ranking: after the victory at the Foro Italico of the Internazionali in Rome and a good season on hard courts (in particular the American one), the tennis player originally from Varsaria reached her best ranking, obtaining the fourth position.

Thanks to these performances, she managed to qualify for the WTA Finals, where, however, she does not make it through the group stage. The women's tennis season restarts from Adelaide International, which will be played from 2 to 9 January, of which Iga Swiatek is reigning champion.

In an interview with the WTA, the Polish talked about this new tennis year: "I'm curious to know if my energy will last until the end of the season, if I only take a week off during this preseason", Swiatek said; "because when we started this year, we were all pretty fresh because we only played four tournaments in 2020."

In the interview, Swiatek also describes the feelings that the city of Adelaide left her in 2020: "Adelaide is a really calm and peaceful place," Swiatek recalled. "Even though I was still in the tournament and playing at my highest level, I treated it as a kind of rest, like a mental rest.

It's kind of fun to have that kind of break. It was the same when I got to Eastbourne before Wimbledon. You don't have a lot of obligations when playing smaller tournaments. So sometimes it's even more fun," added the 2020 Roland Garros winner.

Preparing for a long season such as 2022 should be is not easy and you need to manage your time well, on and off the tennis court. The holidays, spent in the south of France, certainly helped Iga Swiatek: "But also, when I got home, it became quite easy because we were working with my management team and my PR team to really build a system. that would help me rest sometimes," said the Polish woman.