Medical exemption refused for Novak Djokovic? It was inevitable


Medical exemption refused for Novak Djokovic? It was inevitable

To play the Australian Open 2022 and, indeed, to enter Australia, you need to be vaccinated: no way to escape, no shortcut, not even for world no.1 Novak Djokovic. What will now make the Serb to defend the title in Melbourne? It was inevitable that the response of the Australian board was this, for consistency and justice also towards all those who have all the credentials for the trip and to play the Happy Slam.

The tennis season has officially begun and in the ATP Cup one of the most sensational absences is undoubtedly that of the world number one of the ATP ranking. The Balkan tennis player is not yet present in Australia and according to many this depends on his vaccination situation.

To play in Australia, the vaccine is mandatory to respond to the emergency linked to Covid-19, but Nole had already in the past left doubts as to whether he was really vaccinated.

Medical exemption refused for Novak Djokovic? It was inevitable

In the last few days the situation seemed to be improving and the Serbian media were quite convinced that Nole would leave for Australia and that he would participate, also thanks to a medical exemption, in the tournament.

The latter, on the other hand, would not be so reassuring. In the last few hours, the Serbian media have also changed their indications on the twenty-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments. Always very close to what their undisputed champion does, in Serbia it is now convinced that the Australian federation and in general the Victorian Government has rejected the proposal to give a medical exemption to the tennis player and have thus decided not to make any exemption.

in the tournament. In recent weeks, there has never been a real feeling that Nole was vaccinated, starting from the suspicious statements of Srdjan's father who declared that his son would not give in to any blackmail to participate in the tournament in Australia.

Nole had the big chance of winning his 10th Grand Slam in Australia and taking the title as reigning champion in Melbourne but it now appears more likely that he will forfeit this tournament. At the moment, however, the Serbian is still registered on the Entry List of the tournament and after Roger Federer (currently stopped due to injury) the Australian tournament could lose another member of the Big Three.

The only star on the court should instead be Rafael Nadal, in these hours on the court to train and increasingly close to confirming the Australian Open where he will try to win his twenty-first career Slam, beating and surprising the competition.

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