Novak Djokovic's Issue: everyone is wrong, bad impression for all

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Novak Djokovic's Issue: everyone is wrong, bad impression for all

Novak Djokovic's issue is like a storm, he hides everything, everyone is wrong and everyone is making a bad impression. The question that the process will have to answer is simple, the question itself quite another. If having contracted Covid in the last six months represents a valid medical exemption in Australia for not getting vaccinated, Novak Djokovic will be able to participate in the 2022 edition of the Melbourne Open.

If he is not, the Serbianchampion will be forced to leave the title (from 2019) and return to his country without playing. The number one in the world had overcome the barrier of the two individual external commissions and with a question that was in line with one of the requirements he thought he had avoided the obligation of anti-Covid administrations.

Then the inconvenience at the airport and the consequent canceled visa (perhaps) destroyed the goal of playing the first Grand Slam of the season. This type of unpleasant situation was caused by an inconsistency between two bodies of the same country, which interpreted a rule in a completely different way from each other.

The smartest task is to figure out who is right and who is wrong. As reported by several Australian newspapers, in early December, Tennis Australia laid out guidelines that could allow unvaccinated athletes to play the tournament anyway.

Inside it was contained that anyone who had tested positive on a test in the past six months had to prove it. An aspect that then became a valid reason for requesting exemption. Was this possible for the regulations? The federal government had already warned the organization that a past infection was not sufficient to guarantee access to the unvaccinated.

However, the requirement remained. Tennis Australia has published a new statement on the affair to respond to this aspect, which will decide the fate of Nole: "The information provided to the players so that they could access our country through a medical exemption was taken directly from the site indicated.

by health minister Greg Hunt." Not only that, the body reiterated how everything is "also included in the framework of the indications imposed by Atagi" In short, the answer continues to pass from one side to the other.

"Vaccination is the best solution and way to proceed. We have always been consistent with regards to communications with the players," was the defense on their way of proceeding. Where is the truth? Which of the two bodies acted incorrectly, causing the case of Novak Djokovic to break out? Monday morning around 10 (Australian time) there will be the trial that will draw conclusions.

At the outset there was a fundamental communication problem about the rules that everyone had to follow: Novak made the road more tortuous with the decision not to receive the vaccine, but he took all the steps necessary to apply for and obtain a medical exemption to play ( according to what Tennis Australia had ordered).

There are still many questions in a story that will remain complex to fully understand; a few days of waiting will at least clarify, and hopefully forever, the future of a tennis player.