Novak Djokovic: love and hate of colleagues and insiders

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Novak Djokovic: love and hate of colleagues and insiders

The expulsion of Novak Djokovic from Australia, following a drama that lasted too long, caused a rift between insiders, players, former players, media and fans. An absurd situation, where they all lost: a bad figure for the Serbian champion, for Tennis Australia and for the country's government.

All parties involved created an explosive situation, which damaged the image of the Game. Speaking on the Tennis Channel, WTA legend Martina Navratilova analyzed the events that led to Djokovic's expulsion from Australia.

Navratilova said: "At the moment I am speaking, Novak Djokovic is on a plane that will take him back to Europe. First, let me tell you that tennis has completely taken a back seat due to this story. It really is a shame.

Everyone made mistakes in this story, but it was Nole who made it difficult for himself. If the nine-time AO champion had been vaccinated like all the other players, the need for medical exemption would never have arisen. " Lindsay Davenport echoed her, who said: "Already last year there was a lot of controversy due to the quarantine to which the players had been subjected.

In this edition, the number 1 of our sport was held at the airport for hours and then sent to a prison-like hotel. There have been gigantic mistakes on every level. Novak, Tennis Australia and the federal government all came out with broken bones from this affair.

" Seven-time slam champion and current Eurosport commentator Mats Wilander said he was in shock at the decision to expel Djokovic from Australia. He said: "I'm in shock. I give Novak all the credit for trying, but at the same time I knew there was a good chance he wasn't going to play the tournament.

Is the decision right? I think so. Millions of people. died from the coronavirus around the world. Australians have suffered greatly physically and mentally. " Through her Twitter account, Frenchwoman Alizet Cornet criticized the attitude of Nole's colleagues saying: "I know too little to judge the situation, what I do know is that Novak has always been the first to take the field to defend the tennis players.

None. Of us, however, he supported him and was close to him in this moment. What I can say now is: be strong Nole! " Djokovic's situation could become more complicated than expected, because the French government has also adopted the bill that provides for the introduction of the vaccination pass.

The risk is that Djokovic will be forced to miss Roland Garros too. "The vaccination pass has been adopted. As soon as the law is promulgated, it will become mandatory for entry to public buildings already subject to the health pass (stadiums, theaters) and will be valid for everyone: spectators, athletes, professionals and non-professionals, French and foreigners, "French sports minister Roxana Maracineanu wrote on Twitter.