John McEnroe more than Maria Sharapova for Jannik Sinner?

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John McEnroe more than Maria Sharapova for Jannik Sinner?

"As you know, currently my team is made up of Riccardo Piatti, Claudio Zimaglia, the physiotherapist, and Dalibor Sirola, the trainer. It will soon be extended to a fourth person, but for now I cannot tell you and reveal more."

With these statements Jannik Sinner attracted different attention to himself, and not only for the excellent performances shown in the first two rounds of the Australian Open. The South Tyrolean is serious and aims to achieve in the next few years the dream of being among the best tennis players in the world, if not the best one day.

Always focusing on his desire to improve and perfect the game over the months, the Italian wants to make a further qualitative leap and will try to do it with another great coach on the staff. After the announcement, there was a lot of curiosity from enthusiasts and professionals, who hypothesized who could be the name that will soon join the native of San Candido.

Everything suggests a former tennis player, super champion of the past: from Ivan Lendl to John McEnroe, without excluding Maria Sharapova. It would seem, from the latest rumors and tests, these three candidates to become the new coach of the current number 10 in the world.

McEnroe's statement

The American legend spoke to Eurosport's microphones on the subject, exposing himself: "I am available for a part-time job to help Jannik Sinner become a great player, which I believe will become, regardless of whether I coach him or not.

I told Riccardo Piatti that if he wants my help for this splendid Italian athlete, to improve him and help him grow, I would be very happy. I saw him train last season at the US Open and he's really a sponge." There have been contacts (also confirmed by Piatti himself), will he be the important person who will join the South Tyrolean team? We just have to wait a few weeks to find out.

Meanwhile, the talented 20-year-old continues his path in the first Grand Slam of the season, with the opportunity to reach a very satisfying result in Melbourne. Next challenge with the Japanese Taro Daniel: Sinenr won in 4 sets to reach the 4th round in Melbourne Park.