Where did the real Naomi Osaka go?

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Where did the real Naomi Osaka go?

Where did the real Naomi Osaka go? The Japanese tennis player, after the events relating to Roland Garros 2021, seems to have lost the compass, from the point of view of the results on the courts. Infinitely admirable Naomi for what she does off the court, for the ideological battles for which she fights: for that alone she deserves to be praised.

A girl who fights for equality rights, she deserves more than a commendation. But, speaking of tennis, after the Australian Open 2021, the Grand Slam she won, only disappointments came. She didn't make it and she had to say goodbye to the Australian Open 2022 ahead of time, Naomi, a tournament she has already won twice in her young career.

Osaka suffered an unexpected setback in the third round in the Happy Slam by American Amanda Anisimova, which forced her to forget her dreams of going further on the scoreboard and trying to defend her title in 2021.

Where did the real Naomi Osaka go?

During the last press conference held in front of the media, the athlete expressed her feelings after the elimination: "This result is a shame.

We must congratulate Anisimova for the excellent match she played. Before taking the field I knew I was facing a very complicated match. The rhythm of her ball surprised me a little. I had a lot of fun on the pitch and I hope to learn from these kinds of defeats.

My opponent simply played better than me and she deserved the success. If I had played against a very similar player, maybe the result could have been different." On the style of play expressed: "I am not God. I cannot win all matches.

I have to keep that in mind and not put too much pressure on myself. Obviously I would like to win the tournament, but every Grand Slam is different. I feel that this competition is for me. will help for upcoming tournaments. The last game I played was in New York and I had a completely different attitude from what I am now showing.

I'm improving "she added. The calendar of her commitments:" Honestly I'm not sure what to do next. I will rest and make a decision in the next few days. I need to understand my body more. " Osaka will even come out of the top 80 at the end of the competition: "I'm not very worried about the classification problems.

Right now the position I'm going to end up in is getting a lot of attention, but I know it's a temporary thing. If I play tournaments and win games I will go up again. I think it's the others who have to worry about being able to face me in the early rounds.

Now I will lower my head and continue to work very hard. " It will take time to find continuity in the results, this Melbourne is a wake-up call, from which however Naomi can get out.