Juan Martin del Potro: the Gentile Tower

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Juan Martin del Potro: the Gentile Tower

After the videos published a few days ago on his social profiles, everything suggested a full return for this 2022 after yet another injury and instead it will not. Juan Martin Del Potro hinted at a press conference that after the 250 in Buenos Aires and the 500 in Rio de Janeiro he will say goodbye to tennis.

A news that obviously saddened, in these hours, all fans of this sport but not only: "I have felt this moment for a long time, imagining it, I think it is one of the most difficult messages to convey. Everyone thinks I'll make a return to tennis, but that's probably not the case.

I have made too much effort to keep going and my knee is making me live a nightmare. I have tried for many years, many alternatives, treatments, doctors, different ways to solve the problem, but I have not succeeded. I never imagined retiring from tennis if I wasn't playing on the court, so I couldn't find a better tournament than the one in Buenos Aires to do so.

After these weeks God will tell what will happen to my future, but today I have decided to live as a 33 year old person with no pain, not as a professional athlete, even if I have never given up." "I'm going to play the tournament.

What I'm going through is what I did the surgery for last time. Even today I am making a huge effort to be able to play, because I love this sport, but it is difficult to deal with so much pain, as I have always had to do.

I hope to have a nice day on Tuesday, I have to play with a friend, I think I could not ask for a better opponent than Federico Delbonis. Together we shared the best days of our tennis life. Probably, Tuesday will be another of the most special days of my career, and the fact that he will be with him makes me happy.

" Tandil's hammer underlined how it is essential for him to say goodbye on the court: "Today the sporting aspect is a bit on the sidelines, in my essence it is playing death up to the last point. As much as Fede is my rival, this is my way of facing every match.

I always said the day I left would be playing tennis, not in a press room. That's why I accepted this challenge, entering the field of a tournament where I started my career, ever since I was a kid. When I went to play on the other side of the world, I always watched it on television.

I am very happy to share these moments and to feel like a player for a few days, that's what I needed. Beyond my emotions, my focus is on the tournament and the game."

The injuries that have haunted him in recent years

"Unfortunately I have had to face many injuries during my career but, nevertheless, I have achieved all my dreams with tennis, I have achieved most of the things I wanted to achieve.

I may not have a miraculous return to tennis like other times, but another decision is around the corner. It is very difficult for me to play because of the pain, it has become a part of everyday life, not just in sports anymore.

I'm a guy who likes to be active, to run, to play soccer and I can't do all of these things. Imagine playing tennis. The message I want to get across is that I have never given up, but I still struggle to move today.

On Tuesday I will take the field as best I can and I will do everything possible to win, I can't do otherwise." The 2009 US Open champion says he is relieved to have talked about it in the press room: "I feel relieved after having communicated it, it is not easy to enter the field and face all these emotions.

I do not rule out continuing to consult the doctors and that someone will tell me where my problem is, there are the cases of Andy Murray or Pablo Andújar, both of whom have returned to play after having had a bad time.

One day things change and everything begins to improve. I'm not ready for this, it's not my short term goal. My intention was to play this tournament and then Rio, that's why I want to be there. For the future I have nothing in mind, I talked a lot with Manu Ginobilli and he helped me a lot in these months, he gave me advice.

This belongs to other discourses, I just want to change the message of this miraculous return that will not happen. My mother will be there on Tuesday, she has never seen me in any tournament, it will be very beautiful."

The pain in her knee tormented every day: "I slept with pain for two and a half years, amazing things started happening to me. I used to drive three hours in the car and now I have to stop to stretch my leg. My struggle is a question of health, of gaining quality of life, we'll see tomorrow.

Today, to be honest, I have to give this message. I can't continue talking about laps, rankings or going back to my old self, this is reality. If one day I manage to overturn the situation and resolve my limits, we'll see later."

On the next two tournaments he will play: "I brought with me a lot of negative messages from the past, from people who didn't believe in me, it was crazy. Somehow I got over this. I love tennis too much, but today I have to be honest not to give the wrong message.

Many times I have given messages of encouragement that were not in line with my reality, but this time it is different. My decision is to play this tournament and to play in Rio. And then, to confirm the possibility of a cut, this is the message I want to give.

I am not thinking about the future, I have returned from three months of sacrifices, I just want this to happen. I still have the illusion that someone can change the course of my leg, but perhaps with a different approach and without a lot of pressure, perhaps without a lot of tennis.

I wouldn't have had another opportunity as good as this in Buenos Aires, that's why I decided to play here."