Novak Djokovic's darkest moment

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Novak Djokovic's darkest moment

The world of tennis and the vaccine issue: in the last two months these two topics have been closely related and more and more tournaments ask for a vaccine certificate for participation in the tournament. Total chaos broke out in Australia with the situation for world number one Novak Djokovic, first invited through an exemption and then banned from the country and consequently from the tournament after a long battle.

The Serbian champion has been stopped since 2021 given the vaccine issue: the Serbian tested positive for Coronavirus last December 16, but communicated it only later and the situation has degenerated with many controversies around Nole.

Now the situation could get worse as more tournaments requiring the vaccine are growing and the latest to announce this is the Indian Wells Masters 1000, a tournament that will start next March 10 and in which the Serbian seems to want to participate.

Now it is necessary to understand how his delicate situation will evolve.

Novak Djokovic's darkest moment

The American tournament in these hours has released a statement and confirmed that to participate in the tournament you need complete vaccination certification, a situation that would in fact exclude the current number one in the world from the tournament who recently announced that he is not vaccinated.

It is becoming more and more evident that the Serbian tennis player has to make a choice and that only with the vaccine he can really be part of the Tour, joining all the tournaments and thus defending the title of number one in the world.

In addition to this Novak is waiting to know the decisions of important tournaments such as Roland Garros and Wimbledon (unless he should be able to participate in sensational twists), fundamental choices for his future.

After Rafael Nadal's victory in Melbourne, the main goal of the Serbian champion's career is to reach and perhaps surpass his eternal Spanish rival, thus confirming his superiority as a GOAT. Difficult undertaking given the age but not impossible with Novak called to change and make history again.

Djokovic should be present at the Rolang Garros 2022, as we reported some weeks ago: the Serb could have the chance to reach Nada at 21 Slams.