Novak Djokovic's stance on vaccines is divisive: what happens now?

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Novak Djokovic's stance on vaccines is divisive: what happens now?

Novak Djokovic is back in the middle of the discussion after the BBC interview, after everything that happened to him at the Australian Open, and his strong statements have brought him back into the spotlight. The choice of Novak Djokovic at the moment not to undergo the anti-COVID vaccination will continue to make the world of tennis talk so much, that in several important events of the season he will have to do without the current number one in the world.

The Serbian is the only player in the world top 100 who has not yet carried out the administration: a fact that certainly makes us reflect and underlines how the athlete has continued the path taken for some time, without ever changing path despite the significant increase in the risk of not being able to play tournaments.

What could happen

The Belgrade native returned to the current situation, which is very delicate to deal with, in a conversation broadcast on Serbian public television Rts. His will has been confirmed several times: "As an elite athlete I have to control very well everything that enters my body and that can change even 0.5% of my condition.

I want to be very careful and will live with the consequences of not being vaccinated. I choose to focus on the things I have achieved and I am grateful for that. I think I have time ahead of me and I hope the future holds the best for me," he said in the interview, also reported by Sasa Ozmo.

On the inevitable missed opportunity in Australia: "Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I honestly think I had a very good chance of winning the tournament this year. The Rod Laver Arena is like a part of my home. I don't dare say that I would have won the tournament if they had given me permission to play it because I respect Rafa Nadal; I still think I would have had a great opportunity," he underlined.

Now the preparation for his return to the court: "Everything that has happened will influence me. I will try to channel all the energy and turn it into mental and physical fuel. Now I have more motivation," he concluded, warning his opponents in a certain sense.