Carlos Alcaraz and his physical and technical improvements

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Carlos Alcaraz and his physical and technical improvements

Carlos Alcaraz broke the delay and entered the world Top-20. With the success on Brazilian soil for the Rio Open, the young Spanish star has achieved a historic result, becoming the youngest player to both conquer an ATP 500 and to be among the top 20 players of the ranking, surpassing his all-time idol Rafael Nadal.

The performances obtained in the field by Alcaraz have gradually improved exponentially, as well as his physique has been strengthened in an equally evident way. The muscle mass of the 18-year-old from Murcia has visibly grown, as shown by the images published by the magazine Men's Health.

In the exclusive service conducted by the well-known magazine, Alcaraz himself discussed the changes made to his body but not only: "In the past, when I was younger, I didn't have a very muscular body. I was a mess when it came to eating.

But gradually, with the help of my team, I figured out what I should eat and the best way to train according to each moment. Whether it's tournaments, preseason, weeks of pure training, etc As the only secret I would say that my physique comes from working hard and taking care of every detail every day.

And of course, it is very important to rest well, to train giving 100% of your effort. If you add all these aspects together, you get the secret to being physically healthy. Over the past couple of years I think I've done better than I've done in my entire career.

I followed everything to the letter."

Alcaraz: "I won't grow any more, it's bad for tennis"

Carlos Alcaraz, however, confessed that he wants to stop this growth for the moment to focus on other aspects: "I honestly think that for the moment it is okay to stay as I am now.

Physically I don't want to grow any more for now, it's not good for tennis to be too muscular. I want to stay as I am and focus more on other aspects that I clearly want to improve and which are crucial for tennis, such as speed, agility and power.

I mechanize all my shots very well. But I know I have to work a lot on the mental side. I need to improve my concentration during matches, avoid collapses, not have continuous ups and downs."