Rafael Nadal is the GOAT: who can stop him now?

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Rafael Nadal is the GOAT: who can stop him now?

The Spanish champion Rafael Nadal is maintaining extraordinary rhythms so far in this 2022, undoubtedly exceeding any expectations. The tennis player is back after a long foot injury, many were curious to understand his condition and in reality Rafa is doing great.

On the horizon there are no opponents capable of challenging him. The improvements on hard-courts also put pressure on young people like Daniil Medvedev, who should start to dominate on hard. With the clay-season approaching, there seems to be nothing on the horizon that can stop Rafael Nadal from winning Roland Garros as well: an astral conjunction or a macumba of his rivals, that alone could stop him.

With Novak Djokovic still shaken with what happened in Australian, with Roger Federer's as a back light years away, Rafael Nadal is already sewing the GOAT suit on him. The Majorcan player is currently 15-0 (15 wins and 0 defeats) in this season's matches and has signed the best early season record of his career.

Yet in 2021, after the defeat in the semifinals at Roland Garros, many had doubts about his return and above all about his Grand Slam victory.

Rafael Nadal is the GOAT: who can stop him now?

In 2022, however, Rafa denied everyone, making everyone think again.

The Spanish tennis player first won the Melbourne tournament and then amazed everyone by winning the Australian Open 2022, a tournament that allowed him to reach 21 Grand Slam titles and thus overtake the long-time rivals Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, great excluded between the other from the Australian competition.

Last week Nadal continued the great moment by winning the ATP tournament in Acapulco and thus conquering his 91st career title. Through his social channels Rafa has shown that he does not intend to stop and that he wants to continue: Nadal posted a video where he is charged and trains in Indian Wells, a tournament that will be held in a few days in America.

Rafa is already there and can't wait to take the court. The social post is a clear warning and he does not want to give up but rather wants the fourth consecutive tournament, which has often happened to him on clay but is not so repetitive on this surface.

The Serbian tennis player and Rafa's great rival, Novak Djokovic, will almost certainly not be present at the tournament. The Balkan tennis player is not equipped with a Covid vaccine, a fundamental condition for participating in the tournament and therefore, unless there are sensational twists, he will not participate in the tournament.

Instead, there will be the new number one in the world Daniil Medvedev, a tennis player who in this 2022 Rafa beaten on two occasions, in the final at the Australian Open and last week, in the week of the ATP tournament in Acapulco.

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