Rafael Nadal can break other records at Indian Wells

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Rafael Nadal can break other records at Indian Wells

Rafael Nadal had a sensational start to the season that no one expected at the beginning of the year, starting with him. The Majorcan tennis player has won in all the tournaments in which he has participated so far: Melbourne Summer Set, Australian Open and Acapulco, scoring fifteen consecutive victories, his best start to the season since playing tennis.

Nadal will now participate in the Indian Wells 1000, a tournament that he has already won three times in his career, 2007, 2009 and 2013, and where he will, without a shadow of a doubt, be one of the possible contenders for the final victory.

The well-known tennis site sportskeeda has drawn five possible records that the Manacor bull could achieve if he succeeds in California. Nadal can become the oldest tennis player to win the Indian Wells Masters. Currently the record belongs to Roger Federer who last lifted the trophy in 2017 when he was 35 years old, 7 months and 11 days old.

In the event that the Spaniard manages to lift the trophy, he will overtake the Swiss by having two more months. The Spaniard can obtain the highest win percentage at the Indian Wells tournament At the moment in the lead is Novak Djokovic who boasts a score of 50 wins and 9 defeats which means 84.75% of successes.

Rafael Nadal can break other records at Indian Wells

Nadal is right behind and chases 84% ​​having won 54 and lost 10. For the number four in the world, winning the tournament would be enough to automatically overtake the Serbian champion.

Rafa can get on the podium in tennis history for best start to the season. At the moment Nadal has reached 15 and, in case of success in the first 1000 of the season, he would rise to 21 which would allow him to break the personal records conquered by Pete Sampras in 1997 and Roger Federer in 2018 which stopped at 17 and It would also allow us to move closer to the second position that is occupied by Novak Djokovic who, in 2020, obtained 26 consecutive victories at the beginning of the year.

Much more unthinkable, at least for the moment, to exceed the absolute record, also signed by the Belgrade tennis player who, in the incredible year of 2011 (when three slams arrived) signed 41 consecutive victories. He can also get second longest streak of personal wins on hard courts.

Rafael Nadal's 15 straight wins all came on hard court, thus marking the third longest streak of his career on this surface. The Spaniard could improve this statistic by simply winning the debut of the American master.

Further on, his personal best set in 2013 when he won 26 consecutive games on hardcourt. He can reach Novak Djokovic for trophies won in the 1000s At the moment it is the 34-year-old Serbian who is ahead 37-36 but Nadal could catch up with him again.

In short, there are all the credentials for the twenty-one-time slam winner so that he can continue to do well in the upcoming tournament that he will play and improve more and more of his already sensational records.