Emma Raducanu and criticisms: could she be overrated?

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Emma Raducanu and criticisms: could she be overrated?

After winning her first career Slam at the US Open 2021, Emma Raducanu never came back to surprise tennis fans and she has remedied many hard defeats. The very young British player has won only four games since her success in Flushing Meadows and lost some matches by collecting less than 5 games.

Raducanu has signed numerous sponsorship contracts thanks to the victory obtained in New York, but the results are not meeting expectations and the marketing experts have raised the alarm. "If you don't get any more results, you risk a loss of credibility," said Lionel Maltese in words quoted by SuperTennis.

In just the last few months, Raducanu has started collaborating with some of the most famous companies in the world, including Tiffany & Co., Dior, Porsche and Vodafone UK.

Emma Raducanu responds to recent criticism

Raducanu was accused of having thought only and exclusively of sponsors on social networks and of having neglected tennis.

The British wanted to respond to the criticisms in a recent interview. "Maybe people watch the news or follow social media and see me sign this or that agreement. But I think it's pretty misleading, because in reality I train at least six hours a day and spend that many hours in the club.

But just post a post in the car while I go to train and everyone thinks: He doesn't focus on tennis," said Raducanu after losing to Katerina Siniakova at the Miami Open. Then he added: "I think it's unfair to me, but it's something with which I have learned to deal with.

My commitments with sponsors are quite limited. It's about three or four days every three months, so it's not that long. At first I gave a lot of weight to what they said to me. Now I don't worry like I used to. I keep training hard and I just need to grow physically. I am very grateful to have signed these contracts, but my real goal is clear: tennis!"