Matteo Berrettini and injuries: how much do they affect your performances?

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Matteo Berrettini and injuries: how much do they affect your performances?

In the phase in which the season on hard-courts ends and the one on clay-courts begins, in which every tennis player must intensify his training to gain confidence on a different and much slower playing surface, Matteo Berrettini has to face yet another stop due to a minor injury.

After the problem with his abdomen, which forced him to retire in Mexico and to arrive in less than perfect conditions in Indian Wells, the 25-year-old from Rome stopped a few hours before the start of the Master 1000 in Miami due to severe pain at the right hand.

This led him to choose the way of the intervention. The problem is that in his career the Italian is often having numerous injuries, which weigh on his performances and on the tournaments that he is often forced to skip. With an imposing physique like his, injuries can happen often, the hope is to find continuity, avoiding unfortunate situations, as often happened to Juan Martin del Potro.

Regarding his injury, Berrettini said through a message on his social media channels: "My team and I spoke to doctors and specialists, having carried out all the necessary checks and investigations, and they advised us to proceed with a small operation.

to ensure a quick and complete recovery. "

The latest on Matteo Berrettini

The manager of the Over 18 project of the Italian Tennis Federation and staff member of the Italian player Umberto Rianna talked about how the recovery is proceeding for the athlete: "In seven, eight days he will remove the chalk from his right hand and carry out a check-up," he announced on SuperTennis microphones.

Then he added: "He felt a pang while playing a backhand volley. Coach Vincenzo Santopadre saw it and told me that he is fine. His morale is also ok, he is metabolizing what happened very well," he concluded. Quite unlikely that the number 6 of the ATP world ranking will be at the starting line of the Master 1000 in Monte Carlo, scheduled from 11 April and to which he is still enrolled.

In the month of April, the total points expiring for 'The Hammer' are 385, including the 250 of Belagrado (successful in the last edition of the tournament), 10 relating to Monte Carlo and 125 of a competition in 2019 (Budapest).

In 2021 a similar situation faced by the Roman, who returned from an injury right in the Serbian capital, managing to win. The other more prestigious events are scheduled for the beginning of May, such as Madrd, in which he is an outgoing finalist.