Iga Swiatek: a mind of steel and an improved physique

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Iga Swiatek: a mind of steel and an improved physique

A new queen: Iga Swiatek has incredibly repeated herself and repeated the success of Indian Wells at the Miami Open, overcoming the Japanese Naomi Osaka in the final act of the tournament and completing the Sunshine Doubles.

So far excellent season for the Polish tennis player, who has so far won the first three WTA 1000 events. An improvement on several levels. Mentally she seemed like a dominant tennis player. Now that Ashleigh Barty has left the scene, it looks like Swiatek may be ready to take the throne for the next few months to come, with few opponents to scare her away.

Naomi Osaka, you may be the only one who, regaining confidence and physical condition, could try to stop her. Technically, Swiatek has improved her game from the baseline, made of very powerful shots. But it is physically that she has shown incredible strides.

you can see it from her arms, more massive and muscular, able to throw forehand and backhand at very high speed. Her tactical scheme is enhanced by her clarity in key moments of the matches.

Iga Swiatek: a mind of steel and an improved physique

The 20-year-old from Warsaw explained one of the keys to winning the final: "I stayed focused and calm, treated like another match.

I think it was the best I could do, I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself. I play my best tennis when I'm not looking at the draw and when I treat every point the same. I needed to stay disciplined and focused on the game, not allowing myself to think about other things.

In the end, I felt relieved. I am surprised that she has been able to carry out all these races. I had a lot of doubts during this tournament." Her thoughts on the opponent: "For sure we will have a great rivalry, in a positive sense.

We will compete and use each other as a motivation to improve. Naomi is very nice, humble and down to earth. I think she can play at a high level, she is a great player. She makes me happy that she managed to find herself to compete at the highest level, where I think she belongs.

Playing against her in the final is something exciting. I knew everyone would see the game. I wanted to do my best to make people feel satisfie." The goal is the primacy at the top of the standings: "I'm always the same person, the same Iga.

I don't want success to change me in a negative way. Obviously, it gives me a lot of confidence and satisfaction. I know that I can go on and that I don't need to feel 100% to win games against great players. Now I can trust myself a little more."

Then he concluded on the clay season that is about to begin: "For me it is more fun to play on those fields. I always have that extra motivation before Roland Garros. I will have it again this year. I will work hard, we will see the results. I can promise anything."