Roger Federer: a come back between risks and hopes

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Roger Federer: a come back between risks and hopes

Fans across the world hope to see Roger Federer still on the coirt, and the countdown for his come back started whe Roger said he would have played the Laver Cup and Basel. The rehabilitation of Swiss Maestro to recover 100% from the injury continues on the wings of optimism, as evidenced by his social channels, returned to be constantly updated by the athlete also to give the fans hope.

However, if he does not return in time, really bad news could occur for the Swiss, who in this respect has resisted for a very long period despite the short time spent on the field in official tournaments, thanks to the freezing to which ATP and WTA were forced to implement due to the pandemic.

This is the world ranking, in which he is currently number 47 but still for a little while. After having recently lost the 45 points of Doha 2021 and the 500 of Miami of the 2019 edition, in addition to the 90 of the Master 1000 in Madrid, always concerning the competition three years ago, the native of Basel risks completely sinking into the ranking and even disappearing.

: with a current loot of 1030, the player will slowly lose all his points in the coming months and if he does not start playing again soon, he would touch 0.

Roger Federer: a come back between risks and hopes

The Roland Garros will subtract 180, followed by the Halle ATP (250) and then, lastly, Wimbledon 2019, which are exactly 600.

With the third Grand Slam not awarding ATP points, the risk is to find the 40-year-old player without classification on his come back to the court. Among the hypotheses for the winner of 20 Slam titles, there would still be the possibility of resorting to the protected ranking, but in this case it should be understood whether King Roger has already made the request or not (the rule was 'exploited' by compatriot Stan Wawrinka and from the Austrian Dominic Thiem, for example).

Federer has announced that one of the events of his 2022 season is the Laver Cup, scheduled in London from 23 to 25 September. The charm, as well as seeing him on the pitch in one of the first appearances after his long absence, will be a double together with the Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

The other event in which the Swiss announced his participation is Basel, at the end of October. The hope is that the 40-year-old's schedule proceeds according to plan, so as to fully confirm his presence in the announced tournaments.