Rafael Nadal increasingly the GOAT: this is the reason

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Rafael Nadal increasingly the GOAT: this is the reason

The 2022 men's Roland Garros quarter-finals showcased yet another act of the legendary rivalry between world number one Novak Djokovic and Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. 59 previous, 30 wins for Nole and 29 for Rafa, an almost crazy balance with the two who share the reign of dominators of the last twenty years with the Swiss champion Roger Federer, a tennis player now in the final phase of his historic career.

These three tennis players have often caused a dilemma between the insiders and the fans of this fantastic sport, who is the GOAT? Literally it means 'goat' but actually for GOAT the meaning is 'Greatest of All Time', the best of all time.

These three players have broken all previous records and have dominated the last two decades of tennis. Every year young promises arrive but until now no one has really been able to undermine these three phenomenal athletes.

Rafael Nadal increasingly the GOAT: this is the reason

Nadal's victory in the Paris match certified a further figure. The Spanish tennis player has a great ability to bring out the best in the most important moments of this sport.

Beyond the other tournaments and the primacy in the ranking (here Rafa is behind Roger and above all Nole) in this sport the main data to quantify the value of a tennis player is given thanks to the Grand Slam tournaments, four tournaments that put you in the history.

Rafa Nadal is the tennis player who has won the most Grand Slam tournaments, at 21 and ahead of Nole and Roger at 20; in this tournament the Majorcan tennis player can extend to 22 and establish his dominion once and more.

In addition to this now well-known fact, Nadal is also clearly ahead in the previous matches in the Grand Slams and therefore played over five sets. In the Grand Slam tournaments Rafa is ahead 11 to 7 in the precedents against Nole: the Serbian is ahead in the precedents in Australia and Wimbledon while Rafa is ahead at Roland Garros and the US Open.

The difference is in Paris where Nadal, after yesterday, is ahead 8 to 2 in the previous ones. On the other hand, the gap is even clearer when we talk about Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer: the Swiss tennis player has always suffered a lot from Rafa and the previous ones see the Swiss down in the Grand Slams with only 4 victories in 15 Grand Slam matches.

Nadal at the conference stated that he is not interested in these records but certainly the fight at the GOAT is a topic that touches them and all the fans of this magnificent sport.