Roland Garros day 11 Recap: Federer inspire, Swiatek wins, Nadal argues

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Roland Garros day 11 Recap: Federer inspire, Swiatek wins, Nadal argues

That Roger Federer is an inspiration for young tennis players is well known. Holger Rune, who played a great Roland Garros 2022, praises the Swiss Maestro: "Roger Federer has always been my idol, I grew up watching his matches.

Roger has a truly unique style of play, as well as being an absolute phenomenon. close to the net. Today they hit everyone really hard from the bottom line, while the transition to the net is often a problem. Federer is a source of inspiration, which goes far beyond simple hits.

I don't try to imitate him, but I don't mind using the whole field so as not to give points of reference to my opponents. " In the post match won against Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal returned to this problem once again showing his annoyance.

Here are his words about it: "I can't complain too much about finishing the match so late, but only because we have two days off, certainly the situation with just one day would have been quite different.
I understand that TVs pay a lot of money, but that's not good, you have to find a balance.

If we start a match like this at 9 pm at Roland Garros and then in five sets, it happens that we can do these times."

The best and the worst from the Parisian Slam

Mats Wilander analyzed in detail the big match between Rafa and Nole: "I think Novak Djokovic did everything possible to reverse the inertia of the match.

He couldn't stay on the pitch for six hours because there was a semi-final with Zverev waiting for him. There were numerous partials and momentum changes during the match, which was a bit surprising. They are getting older and becoming a lot more tactical in their heads.

When Nole beat Rafael Nadal in Paris last year, it was thought that was a decisive victory in the GOAT race. Then we realized that success was not that important. Rafa won in Australia and now has the chance to win his 14th Roland Garros.

Djokovic just has to accept defeat and move on. " Carlos Alcaraz was considered one of the favorites for the final victory, but the Spaniard holds his temper, noting that he is not yet ready for the final stages of a Grand Slam: "I have to learn today's lesson.

I have to improve for the next Grand Slam or for the next few games. But I would say that I am not far from reaching a semi-final or being able to win a Grand Slam. Just take the lesson, say, in these types of games. I would say that I have the level, I have the confidence to win a Grand Slam or go to the semifinals next time.

At no time did I think I was the favorite. Despite the defeat, I still feel I have the level to win a Grand Slam. I missed the details today, that's where I need to improve. "