Will Rafael Nadal play Wimbledon 2022?

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Will Rafael Nadal play Wimbledon 2022?

The question that all tennis lovers ask themselves is: will Rafael Nadal play Wimbledon 2022? The Spaniard has not yet announced whether he will be present at Curch Road: the foot problem will be evaluated in these days, even in these hours.

Of course, if he were to play, in good athletic conditions, there is no denying how Rafa could be the favorite for the final victory. Too many underestimate the ability of the Spaniard to play well in grass courts, and, at the same time, the absence of many competitors and the not very good feelings about Novak Djokovic, make the occasion really tempting for the Spanish champion.

After winning his 22nd Major at Roland Garros, Nadal wasted no time and underwent a new foot treatment to participate in the Wimbledon tournament. The goal of the Spanish champion is to find an alternative solution that will allow him to play to his full potential without having to resort to continuous and dangerous infiltration to the nerve.

Nadal is still in the running for a sensational Grand Slam and will do everything to triumph even on the lawns of the All England Club. Rafa explained: "If my body allows it, I'll be in Wimbledon: someone like me certainly doesn't want to miss that tournament.

My desire is to take the field, but I can't give a certain answer yet. What I'm sure of is that he won't repeat the foot injections done here in Paris. If I can play by taking simple anti-inflammatories then I'll be there."

Will Rafael Nadal play Wimbledon 2022?

Positive signals came directly from one of the closest people to the Spaniard. This is Toni Nadal, Rafael's uncle and former coach, who spoke to his nephew and disclosed part of the conversation at Tennisnet: "At first he was in a lot of pain, but yesterday he told me it was much better.

If he has even a small chance of being there, he will definitely play Wimbledon. He will train on the court next Monday." In an exclusive interview with Punto de Break, Uncle Toni also focused on Nadal's chances of winning at Wimbledon: "Rafael will have no physical consequences.

The injury can be treated with an operation, but this operation will prevent him from continuing to compete. If he can play, Rafa is still a candidate to win Wimbledon." Nadal will then test the condition of his foot next Monday, when he will return to training after his success in Paris.