Rafael Nadal will become a dad: what will change for him?

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Rafael Nadal will become a dad: what will change for him?

Rafael Nadal will become a dad: what will change for him? The Spaniard, in the press conference he held in his Mallorca, confirmed that he will fly to London with the aim of participating in Wimbledon and above all confirmed the fact that his wife Xisca is pregnant.

The Spanish tennis player hasn't played grass Slam since 2019 when he reached the semifinals and then lost in four sets to Roger Federer. The Majorcan, who hasn't made it to a final at Wimbledon since 2011, talked about his feelings for this approaching tournament.

He explained: "I am thrilled to be able to play at Wimbledon. I haven't played grass in three years, so I have to be patient. It is a very complicated surface because illogical things happen and I know that the first few turns are very difficult and that I will have to survive.

It is true that in the second week it is a more normal tournament due to the evolution of the court."

Nadal confirms that Xisca is pregnant

The much better news from the press conference is the confirmation of how he and his wife Xisca are expecting a baby: "You know we like to keep a low profile in terms of exposing our private life.

Hopefully we will become parents and I don't know how this will affect my life because I have no experience, but I don't think it will have a direct impact on my career," concluded Rafael Nadal, dissolving any doubts that paternity could then lead to leaving.

professional tennis in the short term. Nadal, will show up in London for the first time in his career as reigning champion at both the Australian Open and Roland Garros. The Spaniard will therefore be able to cultivate the dream of being able to conquer the grand slam even if it certainly remains a very difficult goal.

But the Spaniard, in this 2022, has shown once again to raise the bar and surprise everyone a bit like the victory in Melbourne but also the one in Paris after a season on clay that certainly didn't start well. The Spaniard has triumphed twice at Wimbledon: in 2008 in one of the best matches in tennis history against Federer and the second time in 2010 against Berdych in three sets.