Wimbledon day 14 recap: Rybakina fools the organizers

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Wimbledon day 14 recap: Rybakina fools the organizers

Elena Rybakina fooled the board of Wimbledon 2022. She, born in Moscow on June 17, 1999, decided to leave Russia in 2018 and to take Kazakhstan's passport in the same year. Choice obviously dictated by the economic advantages proposed by the Federation.

It is unusual that the Wimbledon edition, banned for Russian and Belarusian players, was won by a girl who feels Russian and is Russian, passport aside. After a triumphal ride, and her second career participation in the English Grand Slam, the 23-year-old defeats the resistance of Ons Jabeur in the final.

Ons, after a very good first set, lets himself be overwhelmed by tension and haste. Rybakina closes at 3-6 6-2 6-2 and she becomes the youngest champion at the Championships since 2011.

The best and the worst from the London Slam

Toni Nadal praised his nephew's ability not to give up in the face of difficulties: "If Rafael Nadal had not had this attitude, he would have won half the Grand Slams.

Obviously he will never put his health at risk, but his character allows him to get by even in the worst situations. Rafa has an extraordinary ability to endure pain. Back in 2005 he had to digest the news that perhaps he could not continue playing.

If we had given up at that moment, Nadal would have retired and would not have won Roland Garros 2006. Even in the most difficult moments, my grandson never loses his confidence. " Novak Djokovic surprises with very interesting statements: "I know I can play better, but I am happy with this victory.

I am aware of the stakes in every Grand Slam tournament. At this point in my career, I do not know how many other opportunities I will have to win a Major. I will try to prepare the game well and believe in myself. Every player is different, I don't want to talk about my routine.

There are things I do to be right mentally and physically. I have no guarantee that things will work out, because everything changes quickly on the court." Today the curtain will fall on Wimbledon 2022, with the highly anticipated final of the men's singles between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios.