Does Naomi Osaka have a twisted opinion on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?


Does Naomi Osaka have a twisted opinion on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?

Naomi Osaka won the US Open in 2018, beating Serena Williams in the final. Regarding Serena, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the Japanese said: "Her legacy is so vast that you can't describe it in words. The sport has changed since her.

With no intention of belittling Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, it's the best thing there will ever be. in this sport. It was an honor to see her play. " Curious words, about Roger and Rafa, probably the two most famous sportsmen in the world.

It is clear that both the Swiss and the Spaniard are on the same level of popularity and importance of Serena Williams fort the Game. Perhaps in this case Naomi's opinion is distorted?

Naomi Osaka's US Open

Not only the retirement of Serena Williams, but also and above all the come back of Naomi Osaka in the Grand Slam tournament that she has won twice.

The first, in 2018, against the American in a final seasoned by whistles for the Japanese; the second, in 2020, against Azarenka. The pressure of being a Grand Slam champion and always being in the spotlight could reflect on this tournament.

The Japanese star told: "A few days ago I would have lied to say that I was relaxed, but when I trained today I felt a lot of anxiety. I think it's because I want to do well and haven't been able to do it lately. It's complicated.

I would like to take the pressure off, but it will always be there." On Media Day of the US Open, Naomi Osaka also talked about her father as a coach: a good solution considering the relationship that binds them. She explained: "I just wanted positive energy.

I need someone who makes me trust myself and my game. He's the right person to do this kind of job, because he knows me better and has seen the evolution of my tennis."

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