Rafael Nadal-Shakira: Spanish paparazzo unjustly wanted to destabilize them

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Rafael Nadal-Shakira: Spanish paparazzo unjustly wanted to destabilize them

We told you how the Spanish paparazzo Jordi Martin has released a news about an alleged clandestine love story between tennis star Rafael Nadal and Shakira, Colombian pop-star. Everyone reported the news across the globe, both in newspapers and sports magazines, and not only.

We also reported the news, for the record, but this does not mean that the undersigned who writes this editorial agrees with what the Spanish paparazzo Jordi Martin did. Why am I saying this? In spite of the sensational news, here now it doesn't matter if this is true or false.

It matters that both Nadal and Shakira are both in the middle of a particular and complicated moment in their lives, and releasing such news obviously means destabilizing the two stars. Nadal is playing the US Open 2022, and he is about to become a father.

In fact his historical partner Xisca Perello (who at the time of the alleged love story Nadal-Shakira would have been betrayed) is about to have a baby. Shakira, on the other hand, is separating from her historical partner Gerard Piqué, with a legal battle in between for the custody of her children.

In short, it was certainly not the best timing, and it can be said that it was unfair that Jordi Martin has now released a news like this. The alleged love between Nadal and Shakira would have blossomed on the set of the video clip of the song Gipsy.

Shakira had wanted the tennis champion as the protagonist, and for script requirements the two ended up kissing. In the images, the two seemed particularly close-knit and accomplices, and it seems that precisely that kiss marked the beginning of a relationship kept hidden from everyone, according to Martin.

Although Shakira was single in 2009, the same was not true for Nadal, who at the time was already tied to his current wife Mery Perellò, met at school in 2005 and then married in 2019. Regarding Shakira and Gerard Piqué, the two said goodbye after 11 years of love.

The announcement of their separation was due to the lies and betrayals perpetuated by the Barcelona soccer star. Piqué allegedly has an affair with his collaborator Clara Chia Marti, unveiled by the Sun.