Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: the last dream

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: the last dream

The dream will and today for Roger Federer e Rafael Nadal. The arrival in London, the first training sessions with Stefanos Tsitsipas, the hugs with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, but above all the farewell press conference.

This is the meticulous program that Roger Federer has followed in view of the Laver Cup. The very Swiss champion, with an impeccable and proud look, has confirmed that he will only play double on Friday night only to leave space in singles for Matteo Berrettini.

"I asked Bjorn Borg if I could play a double. I didn't want to give up the competition, but I also had to recognize my body's limitations right now. I'm preparing for that, let's see who it will be with. I must confess I'm very nervous," he said with a smile.

Federer explained the reasons for retiring from tennis, highlighting how the knee had definitively said enough after the last operation and how he made the decision. "There were no improvements. I felt sad when I realized it was the end.

I decided it this summer, after Wimbledon, on vacation. Obviously I would have liked to play forever, but unfortunately it's not possible."

"It would be the best thing" Federer and Nadal, doubles together

During the analysis, the twenty-time Grand Slam champion obviously also focused on the most important victories in his career.

From the deck, he drew the one against Sampras at WImbledon and the one against Nadal at the Australian Open in 2017. He should play his last career match with Nadal. "Clearly playing doubles with him would be the best thing.

We have fought for many years and have always had a great relationship, on and off thecourth. I also think it's a good message for the sport after everything we've shared throughout our careers and that it can inspire other people," he explained.

Federer, despite the intolerance, has already tried to put down some plans for the future. "I would like to watch some of my old games, read everything they have written about me over the years and obviously spend more time with my family."