Are Marta Kostyuk's nuclear fears well founded?

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Are Marta Kostyuk's nuclear fears well founded?
Are Marta Kostyuk's nuclear fears well founded?

Marta Kostyuk explained how before Russia invaded her country, Ukraine, her stress was limited to being a great player. However, after the invasion of Ukraine, she said she had to face extra pressure, like all other Ukrainian athletes.

Are Marta's fears well founded? At the moment the war continues in a chaotic phase, of attacks with drones and bombs on the cities. Although the tension is rapidly rising, the US and Russia are working to find a diplomatic way out, which will put an end to the threat of the use of nuclear tactical weapons and all their nefarious consequences.

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of Finland, meanwhile, will build a wall along a portion of the border between Finland and Russia, to regulate the influx of migrants fleeing the war. At the moment the stalemate continues, but the nuclear war seems, fortunately, at least for now, far from the horizon.

She told: "The truth is that I constantly feel at a disadvantage because of this problem, since the beginning of every game. In the last few days I have been very nervous, when I woke up in Mexico most of the day has already passed, many things have already happened.

Every day, just before I go to bed, I think the same thing: Will there be a nuclear attack tonight? What happened next time I wake up? "

Everything changed for her after the attack on Ukraine.

The world number 58 admitted that she hopes her professional tennis career doesn't end because of the war.

Marta said: "In such a situation you never know what to expect, last Monday they attacked the center of Kiev, just two days after I left the country, in the very area where I had spent those days. Yes, this is a war, but it is being fought in the southeastern part of my country.

That latest attack was just against civilians, it didn't make any sense." Kostyuk also explained the moral dilemma in dealing with Russian and Belarusian players: "I tried to concentrate as much as possible, think of different things, without thinking much about Sasnovich being a Belarusian player.

I always feel responsible in this respect, I want to win as many games as possible for my country." Ukraine won the match against Sasnovich by raising the level in the final stages of the match, however, Ukraine lost the second round match against Maria Sakkari in two sets. The war in the meantime is continuing, with the terrible fuse of the use of nuclear weapons in the background.

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