Stefanos Tsitsipas controversies are wrong: apologies come late


Stefanos Tsitsipas controversies are wrong: apologies come late

Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas often makes unsympathetic statements. The Greek champion is not the best when it comes to speaking in front of the microphone and he proved it a few weeks ago. At the end of the match against Rublev in the last Atp Finals Stefanos made quite surprising statements which have generated various criticisms.

The Top Ten released several piqued sentences but this one in particular left all the insiders somewhat surprised. In fact, Tsitsipas stated at the conference: "It's incredible that Andrey has managed to assert himself despite the few weapons he has." Statements that appeared to be offensive and that the Russian himself commented with annoyance and amazement in the conference.

A few weeks later, with a cool head, Tsitsipas returned to the matter and made statements as if to apologize for what he had previously stated.

Tsitsipas and apologies to Rublev

Stefanos spoke to Arab News and released the following words: "What I said in that press conference against Rublev was very unfair to him, I can say that I was wrong.

Maybe see it from a different perspective, I wanted to charge him for the match against Ruud and make him play even better. The reasons I say these things are pretty obvious to everyone. The reality is that I wanted Andrey's victory in the ATP Finals semifinals, it was the only way to finish the season in the Top 3 and so I spoke like this.

Now, days later, I realized that I didn't speak well and that I behaved incorrectly." Then Tsitsipas had nice words for the young Greek talent: "He has a great variety of strokes, he is the Marat Safin of his generation , does not have a limited game but rather, and can compete with the best.

Plus he's a really nice guy and very funny. If I regret talking like that? Yes I'm sorry. It wasn't a good thing but I was disappointed with the elimination from the ATP Finals." However, the apology may have arrived a little late for an issue that objectively lasted too long.

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