Will Injury Hamper Djokovic´s US Open Campaign?


Will Injury Hamper Djokovic´s US Open Campaign?

Novak Djokovic was forced to retire from the final of the Masters 1000 event in Cincinnati on Sunday with a shoulder injury. The question on everyone's mind now is: how serious is it? The Serb was clearly in some serious pain towards the end of the match.

When he eventually called it a day, he seemed almost wild-eyed. The heat, something with which Djokovic has always struggled, certainly didn't help either. Right now there is no indication as to how serious the injury is, but this is certainly bad news for Djokovic and his fans.

He will certainly undergo tests later on today, and by tomorrow we should have a clearer indication of what went wrong. Most likely it is simply an overuse injury - that was the case with his knees earlier in the year. That's the good news.

The bad news is that there's only one cure for an overuse injury: rest. And rest is something the Serb will not have over the next three weeks. With the US Open looming, he will want to hit the practice courts pretty hard, and even if he has to take just four or five days off for this it might seriously affect his preparation for the event.

But then again, having won so many matches this year, how much preparation could he possibly need? This is certainly going to be an interesting storyline to follow going into Flushing Meadows.

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