Novak Djokovic out of Indian Wells and Miami: US couldn't do like Australia?


Novak Djokovic out of Indian Wells and Miami: US couldn't do like Australia?

It seemed to be all over, but it really isn't. Novak Djokovic continues to live with the choice not to have the vaccine for Covid-19, a situation that has brought serious and devastating consequences for his career. In 2022 Nole missed several tournaments, he was deprived of the opportunity to play two Grand Slam tournaments, several 1000 and a de facto halved ranking.

Nole has recently returned to Australia after last year's controversy and has already made his debut (with victory) in the Adelaide 1 ATP tournament. Everyone was aware that the strict restrictions would fade over time but in the last few hours there has been bad news for Novak Djokovic and his fans.

The recent increase in cases related to Covid has worried the country and the United States has thus decided to extend entry to foreign people only vaccinated until April 10, according to the latest text of the federal government.

The situation in China is again quite alarming and now other countries are also starting to worry about the matter. The international community seems to want to take precautions and the United States has anticipated everyone.

The choice of the USA seems to refer above all to entries from China, but it concerns all foreign people and consequently also affects Novak Djokovic.

The tournaments that Novak Djokovic will miss

The United States requires at least two doses of vaccinations and consequently, even if he wanted to, Nole would not be able to get them by April 10th.

There are always small chances that the government will change everything but at the moment every sign indicates that Novak Djokovic will not be able to enter the country with stars and stripes by April 10th. As a result Djokovic would therefore be forced to miss the Indian Wells and Miami tournaments, a situation that certainly does not please his fans.

Furthermore, this is a sign that in America there is still an alert for Djokovic, signs that could lead to other changes around the world. Novak Djokovic and his fans can do nothing but wait. Giving up a champion like Djokovic, after the retirements of Roger Federer and Serena Williams, seems very daring, for this historic moment in tennis. Couldn't US do like Australia?

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