Nova Djokovic unloaded, and he's right: everyone is free to make their own choices

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Nova Djokovic unloaded, and he's right: everyone is free to make their own choices

Novak Djokovic came back to Australia after the case broke last year. The Serbian champion was unable to play the 2022 Australian Open due to his visa being revoked. Nole was stopped at the border and was forced to spend several days at Melbourne's Park Hotel, a dilapidated structure that the Australian government uses to house groups of migrants and asylum seekers.

The Australian media have given Djokovic a fairly harsh treatment, which has received numerous criticisms over the course of the last season. The Serbian recounted his experience bluntly in an interesting interview with Tennis Majors.

Djokovic vented about the situation that had arisen, and he was right to do so. Everyone is free to pursue their own choices. In the sports world, Nole wasn't the only one who didn't get vaccinated, but he was the only one who was targeted from all sides, as if he were the scapegoat.

Djokovic: "I lived through difficult times in Australia"

Novak told: "Every day is a new lesson. The main lessons that come from everything that has happened are patience, self-reliance and adherence to the principles in which you believe.

I had a tough time in Australia: I was attacked from every angle, from practically all over the world. I expected something like this to happen considering how society works today. You always have to find a culprit. This is how games are played and things are hidden.

As much as I was aware of it, it was really hard for me to handle. Patience and a feeling of unity with my family and loved ones helped me overcome all obstacles. I strive to always be a better person, I am open to anything life can teach me and to challenge myself.

This is my motto. I make several mistakes even towards the people closest to me, many times they tolerate my behavior on and off the court. I have many tantrums and my mood changes often, so I don't consider myself a person who embodies virtue but anything but.

I think a person must be open to life and learnings. I have no problem apologizing when I make a mistake, I think it's human. One must be aware of having made a mistake and repent. After that, one should go ahead and continue, because you will make more mistakes.

This is something I notice in modern society, especially in the West: people have lost their sincerity, they are not open, many focus on material interests and aspects. However, some important values are overlooked. The media tell us every day what we should buy, how we should behave and what to be afraid of or not.

The same philosophy is also applied in sport. Only number one counts, all others are considered losers. I strive to be successful, of course, but success is just a destination. We must learn to enjoy the journey. I always try to enjoy the journey.

In general, one must have more respect for others, more compassion for the difficulties people go through. Everyone is very brave on social media and in the stands, but when you meet in person there, they behave differently."