And if Serena Williams really returned to the Court?


And if Serena Williams really returned to the Court?

During a lengthy interview with E! Serena Williams explained why she decided to retire even though she was still in fair condition. She said: "I played tennis a few days ago and I realized that my current level would allow me to play again on the WTA Tour.

I withdrew by my choice, there were no physical or other reasons. I wanted to leave tennis before my body forced me to. My goal has always been to preserve my physique, so that I have a good life after I retire. I am a happy person.

I love to laugh, I like being in company and having fun with my friends. Professional tennis requires maximum dedication and it is difficult for athletes to find time to relax. We have to work hard every day and always have the next goal in mind.

I myself have not fully enjoyed some titles or some prestigious victories. I am using this free time to cultivate my passions. I love reading, going to the cinema and playing golf, all activities that I used to sacrifice before.

Now they help me disconnect plug." And if Serena Williams really returned to the court? Would it really be so unexpected and shocking? Going back to 41 wouldn't be easy, especially from a physical point of view. After her pregnancy, Serena had 4 chances to win a Grand Slam again, but she always found an opponent in front of her who was physically better than her.

However the solution to this equation appears very simple: if Serena Williams were to return to physical shape, provided she is in near perfect physical condition, then she would be unrivalled. Not even at 50 probably. For now, this is only speculation.

Serena enjoys playing with the topic: she teases fans and insiders about her possible return to tennis, which at the moment seems far, too far away. But no longer a utopia. Serena Williams is unanimously recognized as one of the best athletes of all time.

In addition to winning 23 Grand Slam titles, the American legend has achieved countless other honors and won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. The former WTA number 1 entered the professional Tour in the late 90s, immediately showing flashes of crystalline talent.

Serena has won Grand Slam matches in four different decades and sparked memorable rivalries, including hers with her sister Venus. Due to her advancing age and injuries, Williams withdrew from the 2022 US Open after playing an excellent tournament.

The American failed to equal Margaret Court's all-time Grand Slam record, but that doesn't detract from an almost unrepeatable career.

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