Can Juan Martin Del Potro tempt Roger Federer's come back?

Del Potro's intention is more than clear: his dream is to close the circle in Flushing Meadows

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Can Juan Martin Del Potro tempt Roger Federer's come back?

Just over a year after his retirement was announced, Juan Martin Del Potro's career could register yet another high point. The player from Tandil, who turned 34 last September, has during these fourteen months reflected at length on the possibility of a final rush, aiming at one tournament in particular, the US Open, which he won in 2009 and which, therefore, is particularly related.

Del Potro told: "My goal is to be ready to play an official match in the tournament. I don't know if I'll be 100% or not but, at least, if my last tennis match is to be this year, I want it to be right at the US Open. I'll work hard for the last time, maybe, in my career, and then you never know.

God will decide if I'm ready or not." Del Potro's intention, therefore, is more than clear: his dream is to close the circle in Flushing Meadows. Now a question arises: could the possible back of Del Potro entice Roger Federer and Serena Williams to return to the court? Del Potro is younger than Serena and Roger, 7 years younger.

So an eventual last tournament may be more than possible. Federer and Williams are 42, almost. A return is impossible. Or maybe not. In fact, many athletes have returned to their axes in recent months. Perhaps seeing the emotion that a possible Del Potro's back would bring could really entice Roger Federer and Serena Williams to give tennis fans one last magic.

The reactions of USTA and the director of the US Open

Despite being Argentinian, Juan Martin Del Potro's professional life owes a great deal to the United States. It is here, in fact, that he reached the highest moment of his career by winning the US Open on September 14, 2009.

On that day, Del Potrò ended world number one Roger Federer's 40-game winning streak on the circuit and captured his first and only career Grand Slam. A career that, however, saw him bring home 22 titles and place third in the ATP ranking (2018).

Precisely because of his strong link with Flushing Meadows, the Argentine's words regarding a return to the field at the 2023 US Open were greeted with great enthusiasm by the leaders of US tennis." "Juan Martin is a true fan favorite at the US Open, he's a one-of-a-kind player, kind, we'd be thrilled to have this former champion join us and join this year's tournament," said USTA. These statements were also followed by the reaction of Stacey Allaster, director of the US Open.

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