Can Andy Murray really fulfill his dream? Here's what we think

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Can Andy Murray really fulfill his dream? Here's what we think
Can Andy Murray really fulfill his dream? Here's what we think (Provided by Tennis World USA)

After winning the Challenger in Aix-en-Provence, Andy Murry arrived in Rome for the Internazionali d'Italia. Hit and run for the Slam champion, who went out in the first round, beaten by Fabio Fognini, in a marathon of just under 3 hours, with the result of 4-6, 6-4, 4-6.

A heavy defeat for the former world number one, which could reformulate his programming: Challenger in Bordeaux or ATP tournament, before Roland Garros? Murray told the Guardian: "I don't know. I'll need to talk to my team about it and see what I do from here.

There's a chance to play the tournament next week in France. If you would consider playing the week before Roland Garros or less, I really don't know. I'll need to have a chat with the team and see what's the best thing to do." For the British tennis player, two-time Olympic medalist, Paris would be a return after a long absence due to his physical condition.

He told: "It's not so much about physical concerns. I trust my body will be fine after what I did at the beginning of the year. I played consecutive five-hour games and did well physically in those games. There's no reason it should necessarily be any different here."

Can Andy Murray really fulfill his dream? Here's what we think

But the Grand Slam champion's real goal is still Wimbledon: "It was just more to see where my game was.

The right thing to do is prioritize this point in my career. I trust my body now, but I'm knowing that my best chance of going a longer distance is at Wimbledon, that's where I'd be most likely." Andy therefore has a goal and a clear dream: to try to go all the way to Wimbledon. Can Murray crown his dream? It will not be easy.

Although there are factors in his favor. The first factor concerns experience. The Briton has already won twice at the All England Club, and his tennis suits him well on the grass-court. Murray is, with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Ndaal, the most experienced player and the only one to have won Wimbledon.

The second factor concerns adaptability. Murray will pour his entire season into the grass-swing, especially on the Church Road lawns. He will, if all goes according to plan, arrive in London in top form, with opponents worn down by months of grueling tennis or long injuries.

The competition will be relative, considering the inexperience and lack of adaptability of his rivals, with the exception of Djokovic, and with Rafa in doubt due to his current physical condition. The third and last factor will be that of wanting to end his career with at least one other prestigious result. And as he himself explained, the best opportunity will be at Wimbledon.

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