The Spanish champion has announced a press conference for tomorrow: in Spain they are sure that Rafa will not play at the Roland Garros and he will announce his tennis retirement

by Lorenzo Ciotti

Rafael Nadal will announce sensational news about his future in tennis at a press conference tomorrow, or at least that's what the major Spanish sports newspapers believe. According to the most relevant Spanish media, tomorrow Rafa will announce that he will not play the Roland Garros, while many other media in the country say that in addition to not participating in Paris, Nadal will also announce the date of his retirement from tennis.

There are fewer and fewer weeks left for the Roland Garros 2023 to start, the long-awaited second Grand Slam of the year. However, the Grand Slam on clay could start off on the wrong foot, with the most sensational of news.

The defending champion and fourteen-times winner of the tournament could announce by the hour both the official forfeit from the Parisian tournament and the horizon of his professional career. There is no official statement but by now it seems to be certain and in Spain they give, in spite of themselves, the done thing.

Rafael Nadal has not recovered and will therefore not participate in the most awaited tournament, as reported by Relevo's colleagues, later confirmed by Sport, Marca and Il Mundo Deportivo. Very bad news for tennis fans, with the awareness that it could be the end of an era.

The King of Clay risks never playing again on the Stade Philippe Chatrier, the court that made him great, and after Roger Federer, we could therefore witness the official retirement of the second of the Big Three, with Novak Djokovic still on the field and fighting with the younger ones.

There is still no official announcement but confirmations are pouring in and there is great fear among tennis fans. Rafa hasn't played since the second round of the 2023 Australian Open, the match he lost to American tennis player MacKenzie McDonald.

On that occasion, during the second set, Nadal suffered an injury to the psoas muscle, a break that was technically supposed to be for six weeks but which instead saw him out for months. Months have passed and, week after week, Rafa has announced various forfeits, the latest at the Internazionali d'Italia in Rome.

Some thought he might make a surprise hit in Paris, but at the moment that seems less and less likely. Rafael Nadal's team has announced that tomorrow afternoon the tennis player will release a special press conference where the tennis player will clarify whether or not he will participate in the tournament.

These are hours of great anxiety and Rafael Nadal is about to reveal his future. Also obviously in Paris they are waiting to understand whether or not they will be able to count on the reigning champion and in any case on the man who made the history of the tournament.

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